The European Commission (EC) released their Seventh Report on Relocation and Resettlement (Source: UNHCR) 7,990 lives have been lost while crossing the Mediterranean. According to the UN Children’s Fund many of the dead are believed to be children and many were travelling alone (IOM)

More than 4,500 lone children have been officially registered since the beginning of 2016. Of those more than 1,200 are currently without a home and in urgent need of protection. 280 are in detention. 9% of them are girls (an increase of 8% since last year) (National Center for Social Solidarity)

After the closing of the Greek borders with FYROM there are more than 62,000 people of concern stranded in Greece. Around 35,079 are in the mainland. In the islands where the total accommodation capacity for refuges is for 8,805 people there are currently more than 15,914. Arrivals keep occurring -at a slower pace- but they keep happening, the problem is that after the EU-Turkey agreement no one can leave. The local population of these islands has already been exhausted by a combination of the financial and refugee crisis and there are worrying phenomena of fear, racism and violence. (Source: UNHCR)

The HOME Project team has been active in sustained support for refugees affected by this crisis and the communities where they are located. Examples include:

  • A Water Assessment Project with IsraAID to support the people of Chios and build a community resilience, also deploying Israeli water technology to address long-term water shortages on the island
  • High-level dialogue and profile raising of the crisis through Concordia, the non-profit organization which promotes public and private sector cooperation through building public-private partnerships around pressing global issues – at the 2016 summit in New York City, over 1,000 delegates heard from experts, academics leading organizations about the role and responsibility the world has in understanding global migration challenges and tackling the current refugee crisis
  • Through the Bodossaki Foundation, Libra has made financial donations to the Giving for Greece Unaccompanied Minors Programme which looks to give protection, voice and support to over 300 children arriving alone in Greece – this support includes the creation and operation of two new shelters
  • Libra has funded the Greek NGO METAdrasi for the operation of the unaccompanied minors shelter in the island of Chios Partnership with A Drop in the Ocean works directly inside refugee camps in Athens and the islands, distributing food, clothing and personal hygiene items

The Seleni Institute has hosted a training session for 300 social workers, health professionals and psychologists to support mental health professionals in direct contact with refugees and focusing especially on maternal mental health.

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