We offer educational opportunities for the children under our care to facilitate their inclusion into Greek society. All of our kids obtain immediate access to education and attend school.

The HOME Project has developed meaningful partnerships with two of the most respected educational institutions in the country: The American Community Schools (ACS Athens) and the Athens College - Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF).

29 full scholarships at ACS Athens by The Shapiro Foundation 

These scholarships are granted by by The Shapiro Foundation, an institution focused on improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable populations and a close partner and valuable supporter of Τhe HOME Project.

Youth to Youth at ACS Athens

Since 2016, The HOME Project and ACS Athens have developed a partnership, the “Youth to Youth” Educational and Social Inclusion Program. This program fosters meaningful educational experiences addressing the educational and social needs of unaccompanied minors while promoting social inclusion based on a student-to-student learning model. Through their Greek and English language, computers, music, and art classes as well as through athletic activities, the children of The HOME Project bond with the ACS Athens students, together creating a uniquely caring learning community at the school campus

Scholarships at Athens College- HAEF

Four students under our care have been awarded full scholarships to attend the Athens College Elementary and Middle School. 

School Project at Athens College- HAEF

The “School Project” in partnership with Athens College - HAEF, an educational program customized to the needs of the children, was launched in 2018. Athens College students become tutors for the children of our shelters, and through shared Greek and English language, math, theatrical, and art classes as well as sports activities, the kids learn, express themselves creatively, and build relationships that enhance empathy and social inclusion

The Moraitis School

In collaboration with The Moraitis School, a sports program has been launched involving weekly basketball practice at the school's premises for the youngest children under our care. The Moraitis School is mobilizing the active participation of the school community to support one of our shelters.

Technical and vocational training

We seek to provide all necessary tools and opportunities, enabling children who reach adulthood to become responsible, productive, and independent citizens via vocational and technical training scholarships. We aim to help them find a job and enable them to create a future for themselves.

So far, we have achieved 80 job placements, in the hospitality, food services, retail, and beauty sectors. 40 have been hired as caregivers and interpreters at The HOME Project shelters.

We lay Athens open to all and at no time evict or keep the stranger away

Pericles' Funeral Oration. Thucydides, 430 BC