His tuition will be covered via an athletic scholarship, cosponsored via the kind contribution of Marina Hatsopoulos .
His story stands as an example of social inclusion, proving that care, support and equal access to opportunities can transform a child’s life.
He arrived in one of our shelters in Athens when he was 13 and his immersion into Greek society started with access to child protection services with a special emphasis on education, via a full-time scholarship at ACS Athens (American Community Schools) funded by the Shapiro Foundation. During his stay in Greece he was recruited by PAO BC Academy where he developed his athletic talent in basketball skills.
Today after 5 years of systematic and continuous work and in collaboration with a number of stakeholders: individual donors, foundations and academic institutions, he is ready to open his wings and move on to the next chapter of his life.
Chanel has started his academic year at Bethany College at Kansas state in the USA.
A big thank you to Tania Georgiopoulou and Kathimerini for sharing his story.
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