Currently, The HOME Project operates 134 shelters in Athens.  

IKEA Foundation is our main funder supporting the operation of 10 shelters and the establishment of our Child Protection Unit, consisting of professional social workers, psychologists, lawyers and psychiatrists, and its implementation model, concluding to an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for every child we care for. The development of the IDP is an ongoing process aligned with the development of a child, in five main areas: a) Mental Health, b) Education, c) Pedagogical Support, d) Social Support e) Legal Support.

The Dutch Government funds the operation of three shelters through the collaboration of The HOME Project and Dutch NGO Movement on The Ground.

Shapiro Foundation sustains the full operation of one shelter for girls and minor mothers with their babies as well as an educational program that has granted 43 full-time scholarships at ACS Athens.

The HOME Project was founded in response to the call made by President Obama to the private sector to help in addressing the refugee crisis in 2016. Our founding sponsor The Libra Group responded to that call and enabled the opening of the first five shelters.



Main Supporters