Without doubt, this global refugee crisis is a humanitarian disaster. The HOME Project transforms despair into hope, loss into gain, and death into life.

Many of these refugees are skilled laborers and professionals who have left behind active careers. Just because they have lost their homelands, we do not want them to lose their livelihood. For that reason, we work with each person holistically. We address the trauma and tragedy they have experienced to begin the process of healing and integration. Through networks, partnerships and resources, we seek ultimately to see all lone refugee children re-establish themselves as new citizens.

Since the beginning of 2016, The Libra Group has been active in sustained support for more than 2,000 people affected by this crisis and the communities where they are located.

Examples include:

  • A Water Assessment Project with IsraAID to support the people of Chios and build community resilience, also deploying Israeli water technology to address long-term water shortages on the island.
  • High-level dialogue and profile raising of the crisis through Concordia, the non-profit organization which promotes public and private sector cooperation through building public-private partnerships around pressing global issues – at the 2016 summit in New York City, over 1,000 delegates heard from experts, academics leading organizations about the role and responsibility the world has in understanding global migration challenges and tackling the current refugee crisis.
  • Through the Bodossaki Foundation, Libra has made financial donations to the Giving for Greece Unaccompanied Minors Programme which looks to give protection, voice and support to over 300 children arriving alone in Greece – this support includes providing and upgrading shelters.
  • Libra has given funding to the Greek NGO METAdrasi to facilitate the reception and integration of refugees in Greece
  • Partnership with A Drop in the Ocean, an organization which works directly inside refugee camps in Athens and the islands, distributing food, clothing and personal hygiene items.
  • The Seleni Institute has hosted a training session for 300 social workers, health professionals and psychologists to support mental health professionals in direct contact with refugees and focusing especially on maternal mental health.


The global refugee crisis is a humanitarian disaster. The HOME Project transforms despair to hope, loss to gain, death to life.