Corporate Engagement and Partnerships

Private donors and businesses, from global corporations to local companies that want to contribute to addressing this crisis can use the HOME Project as a channel that will ensure that their assistance and support will reach those most in need in the most efficient and timely manner.

The creation of a positive and supportive community around this issue, where the private sector and private initiatives have a central role to play, is of crucial importance in facing this refugee crisis.

The HOME Project coordinates and forges effective communication and partnerships between relevant stakeholders: NGOs, private donors, corporations, media, public authorities, national and international organizations, and foundations. We operate as a solutions platform engaging, coordinating, and empowering all relevant stakeholders to contribute. If you wish to help, please contact us and a member of our team will inform you about our current needs and guide you through the means of support.

The HOME Project was founded in response to the call made by President Obama to the private sector to help address the refugee crisis in 2016. 

The operations of our shelters have been supported by the IKEA Foundation, the Shapiro Foundation, The Dutch Government through a collaboration with the Dutch NGO Movement on The Ground, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and public funding. 

In addition to supporting shelter operations, the IKEA Foundation also aided in the establishment of our Child Protection Unit, consisting of professional social workers, psychologists, lawyers and psychiatrists, and its implementation model, consisting of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for every child we care for. The development of the IDP is an ongoing process aligned with child development in four main areas: a) Mental Health, b) Education, c) Pedagogical Support, d) Social Support.

The Shapiro Foundation has also supported an educational program that has granted full-time scholarships at ACS Athens.