The HOME Project supports employees and their families: Updated HR policy

At The HOME Project, we recognize our staff as front-line providers of care and child protection services for unaccompanied children. We are well aware that not all families are the same and that parents face unique challenges. Reaffirming our commitment to diversity and in support of our employees and their families, we have updated our HR policy to include the following: 

  • Additional IVF Leave: Up to 7 additional days of leave, beyond legal requirements, with full pay for employees undergoing IVF treatments.
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Leave: Employees diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy will receive full pay throughout their leave.
  • Additional Sick Child Leave for Single Parents: An additional 5 days of leave annually, beyond legal requirements, with full pay for single parents caring for a sick child.
  • Fostering and Adoption Leave: Up to 10 days of leave, with full pay, for employees in the fostering or adoption process.

The success of our child protection model depends on the dedication of our entire staff. These updates reflect our commitment to empowering our employees, enabling them to meet the demanding needs of their roles.

We hope that The HOME Project's example will inspire other organizations and companies to take action to support parenthood and family life.

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