Foni Vuni

Advisory Board Member

Foni Joyce Vuni is originally from South Sudan but is currently living in Kenya with her parents and four younger siblings. Her parents came to Nairobi in 1991 due to the war that broke out in their country.

She graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with a degree in Mass Communication with a major in Public Relations attaining a first-class honors degree.

She is passionate about advocating on education, policy, inclusion, involvement and empowerment of refugees in a bid to change the perception of refugees. She works to improve their image and reputation not only among the world and immediate community but also among refugees themselves.

She has advocated for refugee youth both nationally and internationally.

She is also part of a refuge student network that works to ensure that other refugee students, who don’t have the opportunity for scholarships; get to learn from them since they have gone to school, mentor them and provide career guidance.

She took part in the World humanitarian summit which saw the youth compact brought forth and in the just concluded Global Refugee Youth Consultation as a refugee youth representative and a facilitator.

She has represented refugees in different events nationally and internationally serving as a moderator and speaker at the UNHCR annual consultation and also at UNGA, where she addressed the root causes of large movement among refugees.

These events highlighted the need for inclusion of everyone without leaving anyone behind if we are to develop a durable solution that will last. It clearly showed some of the missing gaps and that each person is vital in filling this gap.

She is also a member of Youth and adolescents in emergency working group, a group that works to identify gaps and ways in which the gaps can be filled for the youth with the youth.

Her dream is to improve the identity, image and reputation, to become a role model to other young ladies, to become an advocate for refugees, their voice and a peace ambassador but to also work to give them a sense of belonging.

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