Julia Tokatlidou

Advisory Board Member

Ms. Tokatlidou is the Dean of Academics and the Principal of ACS Athens Virtual at the American Community Schools of Athens Greece. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the School of Law and Economics at the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki in 1981 and continued her studies in Toronto, Canada, where she completed her Master of Arts in Economics and all but the thesis requirement for the Ph.D. program in Economics. In 2013 she received her M.B.A from the University of Indianapolis as well as her Certificate for International School Leadership.

Ms. Tokatlidou has been a member of the ACS Athens community since 2005. Initially, as a faculty member teaching IB Economics, followed by eleven years as the Director of the IB program. From September 2010 to 2018 she served as the Director of the ACS Athens IB and AP programs. In 2014 she became Vice-Principal of the Academy and has been closely involved in the development of the ACS Athens Virtual.

For more than a decade, Ms. Tokatlidou has worked along with the IB Diploma and AP Faculty in expanding and enhancing the IB and AP programs at ACS Athens. Curriculum and professional development of faculty where central tasks in achieving set goals and making the IB Diploma program one of the best programs in Greece and the world, as is evident by student learning and performance outcomes.

Julia Tokatlidou currently leads ACS Athens Virtual working with faculty in developing and adapting curriculum for online high school courses. ACS Athens Virtual placed ACS Athens amongst the leading schools that incorporate and effectively apply educational technology to address different types of learners and offer an extended variety of courses.

Furthermore, Ms. Tokatlidou believes in learning and citizenship development through service and innovative projects as well as in personal growth through education. She spearheaded the ACS Athens Youth to Youth Educational and Social Integration Program, addressing the social and educational needs of unaccompanied minors in Athens through a student-to-student partnership learning model since January 2017. The program now includes the part-time Youth-to-Youth and Business-to-Youth programs that run on Saturdays which involve several ACS Athens student and faculty volunteers, and the full-time Youth-to-Youth program for 18 unaccompanied minors which is now in its second academic year.

Ms. Tokatlidou, as an educator, strives for life-long learning unconfined by physical proximity, to promote global citizenship, effective risk-taking, and ethical decision making. She has led various workshops and has published in numerous scientific journals.

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